WOW… like W.O.W! Sarah, you nailed it!


Sarah Thomas is 47 and loving life!

Prior to joining Extreme Weight Loss Sarah suffered terrible lower back pain… “Most nights I couldn’t sleep for long periods of time despite spending thousands on mattresses. Since doing the course and doing the work on myself and my mind… you can ask my husband, he’ll tell you I have no trouble at all with my back now!”

After attending the seminar in Wagga on June 3, Sarah reached her goal weight of 64.8kgs on July 29.

That’s 20kg in EIGHT weeks. 85kg down to 65kg. And no more pain!

“I completed the maintenance and have been going great. The weight is staying off. People continue to comment about how healthy I look,” Sarah told us.

“I didn’t give up and I’m absolutely amazed!!!”

Well done Sarah, you have done just a great job, we love the photos!!

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