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Delivered via a two day seminar, this program is the result of many years of independent research and testing.

Devised entirely by James Duncan, a PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) therapist.

It recognises weight gain is quite literally a ‘stress-response’ and provides effective techniques and the necessary understanding to both identify and resolve those stresses. You will learn these at an seminar.

These techniques reverse the weight-gain process, and combined with the other various aspects of the program, result in rapid, permanent weight-loss, and an increased sense of well-being, with the added benefit of ‘shrinking’ your skin back to the correct size for your body.

Often complete freedom from weight related chronic physical, mental and emotional health issues are also experienced.

This is a very unique and multi-faceted approach to permanent, rapid weight-loss.

At the seminar you will learn about your mind, how and why it does what it does. You will also be provided with a variety of techniques, both physical and mental, to control the part of your mind that controls your weight.

Herein lies the difference between this and every other approach to weight-loss available anywhere in the world today.

No other weight-loss solution actively addresses the role your mind takes in causing your weight problem in the first instance, nor teaches you effective resolution techniques.

You will literally learn how to become your own therapist.

It will if you follow the program in its entirety.

Yes you can. We were offering both live in-person seminars and live on-line seminars but the venue costs have made Live In Person seminars unviable. For now all our seminars are Live On Line and just as effective, if not more effective than Live in Person.

Click Here to read about the differences between them so you can make a better informed decision as to which one is most suitable for you.


No. We can educate you on the power of your own thoughts, however, we cannot think your thoughts for you and can not therefore offer a guarantee.

The impact of your mind and your thought process’s cannot be overstated.

This can vary slightly depending on the costs associated with each individual venue. For a realistic idea, Click Here to go to the events page.
This is very difficult to accurately quantify. I strongly suspect it is better than 80%. Most people who attend an Extreme Weight Loss seminar achieve their goal. Virtually everyone who attends loses weight. The only ones who do not lose weight are those who choose not to participate. Based on past experience, it’s obvious those who focus on the questions asked on the “goal” tab of this website, and take those questions very seriously, are far more likely to achieve their goal. They lose the weight permanently and get on with living a happy and contented life. Click Here to go to the goal tab.

NO. There are additional services offered that may have a cost associated with them, but generally speaking there are absolutely no on-going costs.

The program costs do not include your ongoing food bill, nor do we take responsibility for the costs of your new smaller sized clothing.

We do recommend waiting until you have completed the program before spending too much money on new clothes.

NO. This program has not yet been thoroughly trialed for vegans and/or vegetarians.

The dietary aspects involve the consumption of fish, meat and other animal products.

If you are vegan or vegetarian and are not prepared to eat meat, fish, or eggs, this program is NOT for you….Yet!

No. Due to time constraints and the amount of information that needs to be shared, face to face individual sessions are no longer being offered.

Yes. There is a simple food plan.

It has three separate and distinct components, one of which involves a short term low calorie, very precise approach to eating.

Very little prior preparation is required. Everything you will need is readily available from your local supermarket and butcher.

There are no exotic or expensive supplements required. Everything about the eating plans are simple, precise and easy.

Exercising during this program will inhibit or totally prevent weight-loss.

No exercise is needed.

It is actively discouraged during the first and second phases of the eating plan.

During the third and final phase of the eating plan, exercise will be very helpful and is highly encouraged from then on.

It doesn’t matter if you only have a couple of kilos, or one hundred plus kilos to lose.

This program will work for you, assuming you work with the program.

Some people have absolutely no weight to lose and attend purely for the mind aspects of the program.

Yes. Many people report complete freedom from many long term chronic health conditions; this includes mental, physical and emotional problems.

We are aware of people with such diverse conditions as PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome) chronic back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, migraine, knee pain, and many others (this is a very long list) that have experienced complete and total freedom from their conditions after attending our seminar.

Others have reported freedom from depression, anxiety, sleep problems, anger issues, gambling and drug abuse.

So, yes, attending an Extreme Weight Loss seminar can have many far reaching, positive effects. The benefits are often much more than merely losing weight.

Many people attend the seminars purely for the ‘mind’ components. Often they don’t need to lose weight. Others come to support their partners and benefit from simply being in attendance.

Comments from previous seminar attendee’s indicate this is a common concern prior to attending. The seminar is very logical, visual, informative, engaging and entertaining.

The concepts are presented in visual story form in order to help you understand and retain the message.

Most people are surprised by how quickly the weekend goes, the amount of information shared and how enjoyable and logical they found it to be.

Focusing for the weekend does not seem to be a problem.

There is NO SHARING of personal information at the seminars.

WE STRONGLY DISCOURAGE any attendee’s from discussing private and/or personal issues with anyone. If you feel you absolutely must discuss your past experiences with anyone, we provide access to suitably qualified and trained therapists should it be helpful.

However, it is worth noting one of the objectives of the seminar is to ’empower’ you to be in a position to do this for yourself unaided!

It can be very helpful to have the support of someone who lives in the same household.

If you have both attended the same seminar, they are less likely to inadvertently sabotage or undermine your weight loss efforts.

It is also helpful (but not essential) to have the support of a friend who is doing the same program at the same time.

This is not always the case though! This can lead to unhelpful competition/resentment which can undermine both of you.

The majority of people attend on their own, without other friends or family members attending the same seminar.

It is worth noting that you will have access to ongoing support by our coaching team should that be needed.

This is possible, but unlikely.

You will be provided with all the necessary tools at the seminar, and as a result will not usually require any ongoing sessions.

However, we do provide access to suitably qualified and trained therapists should you feel the need.

However, again, it is worth noting one of the objectives of the seminar is to ’empower’ you to be in a position to effectively address and resolve issues that may arise in the future.

This is the most unique, logical, comprehensive, life changing,
cost effective and thorough 
approach to losing weight available anywhere in the world!

This is the most unique, logical, comprehensive, life changing, cost effective and thorough approach to losing weight available anywhere in the world!

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