Every single event we experience throughout our entire life is stored in our minds as a memory. Our emotional reactions to those events are also stored in our minds as part of the memory.

The problem we don’t realise we have is the feelings associated with our unpleasant past experiences are still having an impact on the part of our mind that controls our weight… even though the event itself is just a memory!

Newsflash: The part of your mind that controls your weight reacts to your emotional state… even if it was in the past!

It can be very difficult to appreciate and acknowledge that your memories of emotionally challenging events from the past can be causing something so seemingly unrelated as a weight issue in the present. By asking and answering a few simple questions, you may be able to logically see the relationship between memories and weight gain.

When did you first start to gain weight?

How old were you when you first started to gain weight? Think back… had you started to gain weight when you first started school? Yes or no?

When you began high school were you overweight?

When you finished school…

First left home…

Got married…

Had your first child… second child… third child?

Got divorced…

Diagnosed with a life-threatening illness?

At what point in your life did the weight gain process begin??? Identify this point – it’s really important.

Now ask yourself this question: 

What was going on in your life back then? 

Had you experienced what could be described as ‘emotionally challenging’ events?

Some of the events that seem to precede weight gain, particularly for younger people, are things like: 

  • Being bullied at school or at home.
  • Parents divorcing, the breakdown of the family unit.
  • Loss of loved ones ie Death of grandparents or even beloved pets.
  • Moving away from family and friends.
  • Violence or aggression within the family home.

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Maybe your weight gain began a little later. Common events that seem to precede weight gain in our teenage years are:

  • Feeling like you don’t fit in or belong.
  • Assault: Physical, sexual, mental or emotional.
  • Being belittled and made to feel different, ugly, worthless or even stupid.
  • Changing schools and losing contact with close friends.
  • Going to college or university in a town far away from loved ones – feeling homesick.
  • Broken hearted when an early romantic relationship ended.

Often the weight gain doesn’t commence until our adult years. Did you experience any of these?

  • Domestic violence.
  • Failed marriage.
  • Financial stress with ongoing worry. Possibly being bullied at work.
  • Have you been a step-parent, or had a step-parent?
  • Didn’t feel welcome within the family or extended family environment – Issues with mother in-law?
  • Worry about the safety/health of yourself or a loved one – Children?
  • Became a ‘carer’ for an elderly parent or family member.

This could be an exceptionally long list. All of the challenging events that seem to precede weight gain have some common characteristics. They all involve feelings of being unwelcome/unsafe/unloved. Feelings of loss/sadness. Feelings of rejection/abandonment. Feeling threatened and/or worried….

Is it even vaguely possible that memories of unpleasant events and ongoing experiences could have a negative effect on your physical, mental, or emotional well-being in the present? The short answer is ‘YES’ they can. You’ll learn why and how this happens at an iShrink.me extreme weight loss seminar. You will also learn a very simple process that will help you ‘turn-off’ the effect so it no longer has an impact on you. 

When you release the past

In the present

You free the future…

This is the most unique, logical, comprehensive, life changing,
cost effective and thorough 
approach to losing weight available anywhere in the world!

This is the most unique, logical, comprehensive, life changing, cost effective and thorough approach to losing weight available anywhere in the world!

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