Weight loss.

It's not just a food thing

or an exercise thing...

It's a mind thing!

Where's the proof? Consider this:


You start with the best of intentions, but for some obscure reason your mind seems to bring you unstuck… It’s a mind thing!

You really want to lose weight, get healthy and happy. Your motivation is high. You’re going to lose weight if it’s the last thing you do, right? You find a fancy new diet that you think might just work this time! You start on the diet… maybe you lose weight; maybe you don’t… but then something happens. What started out as being really important to you is suddenly relegated down your priority list. Life seems to get in the way… There seems to be a plethora of good reasons or even excuses running through your mind that justify not sticking with your diet. So you give up in disgust!

Some people seem to be able to stick with a diet, why can’t you? It has nothing to do with food, exercise, or your metabolism, and everything to do with your mindset…. It’s a Mind Thing!


Have you noticed that whenever you go on a diet, a little voice sneaks into your head prompting you to cheat? If you do cheat, even if it’s just a bit, staying on the diet becomes mission impossible… This problem is not a diet, exercise or metabolism thing. It’s a mind thing. You need to get rid of that little voice.

The little voice in your mind keeps making excuses; providing reasons to fail rather than succeed. It tells you all manner of unhelpful things, like… “Just a little bit won’t hurt” or maybe something like… “You’ve done so well, you deserve a reward” Have you noticed the instant you give in to that “little voice” another really weird thing happens… You can’t stick to the diet anymore! You resolve gets thrown out the window leaving you feeling like an abject failure – Yet again!

When you cheat, who is it exactly that you cheat? Yourself!
Why did you cheat? Because you listened to that stupid little voice in your head!

If you give that ‘little voice’ in your head an inch; it’ll take a mile… then another interesting phenomena occurs to make doubly sure you fail… Again…

Doing it for herself

November 2021, a girlfriend introduced me to iShrink.me – we caught up for a coffee and to my surprise she had done the iShrink.me program – she looked sensational.  On chatting I had said to her how I would love to lose 10 Kilos and we all know how hard...

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OMG… Check Out Amelia!

“Well this is my final check in. I am extremely happy with my results. And so proud of what I have achieved. I had very little confidence in myself being able to reach such goals. But the program has been such an incredible journey. I turn 30 next month and...

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I wonder if you are starting to get the idea that there is more to successful weight loss than dieting, exercising or increasing your metabolism? The real issue is, in part, maintaining your mindset… it’s a mind thing!


What is it about comfort eating? What causes it? What can you do about it? Good questions? They don’t call it “Comfort Eating” for no reason! It’s primary cause is the emotion of worry! Diet, exercise or metabolism have nothing to do with worry… It’s a mind thing!

Comfort eating is an anxiety issue. We do it because that out-of-control ‘little voice’ in our head thinks food is the solution to the problem. Worry is a mental process. It has nothing to do with dieting, exercising, or your metabolism. It’s a mind thing! 

Worry also results in something guaranteed to put an end to your diet… Cravings! What’s the solution? Take charge of your mind!

You’ll learn some very helpful techniques to get your inner ‘mental monkey’ off your back at an iShrink.me extreme weight loss seminar. You will also take away some massively important insights on how to deal with the real cause of comfort eating: Worry.


In the past when you went on a diet, did you find that you could lose weight reasonably easily? You still eventually regained the weight… plus a bit extra; but the point is you could lose weight… back then! But what about now?

Have you noticed more recently that what you did to lose weight in the past no longer seems to work? It doesn’t seem to matter what you eat, which diet you go on, or how much exercise you do… You just can’t seem to lose weight.

How come? If you eat the same food now as you did then, and you exercise just as much now as you did then… why is the result different now to what it was back then?

Something must have changed. But what? It’s not a food thing, or an exercise and metabolism thing. It’s a Mind Thing!

Are you curious enough to want to know more? You’ll get a full explanation at an iShrink.me extreme weight loss seminar.

David Lost 34KG in 4 months, you can too!

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In the past when you went on a diet, did you find that you could lose weight reasonably easily? You still eventually regained the weight… plus a bit extra; but the point is you could lose weight… back then! But what about now?

Frustration is an emotion caused by a mental process. It’s about the result being disappointing and not what you expected. This ultimately leads to an expectation of failure, not success. It is the expectation of failure, even though you still really want to lose weight… but knowing that everything you have tried in the past hasn’t worked long-term that causes the feelings of frustration.

We don’t like feeling frustrated, so we eventually stop trying to succeed… Here’s an interesting and important insight you might not have considered:

If you do what you always did, you will only ever get the same result you always got. This is really logical and obvious when you think about it.

If you do what everybody else does, you will only ever get what they got. Again, simple indisputable logic… 


But wait… think about this:

If you do what those who have done the iShrink.me extreme weight loss seminar did… you’ll get what they got!

What did they get?

 Fantastic results that blew their minds!

How did they get it? 

They opened their mind to consider a whole range of new ideas which put them in a mindset for success

Without that mindset and the understanding they got from the seminar they would have failed yet again.

Your Mindset Matters!

It makes the difference between success and failure…

Understanding the cause of the problem and having a logical, reasonable and acceptable solution gives you the mindset you need to succeed… at last!

The purpose of the iShrink.me extreme weight loss seminar is to give you the understanding, the solution, and the mindset to succeed.


This is the most unique, logical, comprehensive, life changing,
cost effective and thorough 
approach to losing weight available anywhere in the world!

This is the most unique, logical, comprehensive, life changing, cost effective and thorough approach to losing weight available anywhere in the world!

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