90 days with iShrink... You Shrink!

Different to anything you’ve ever tried!

What is it?

A 90 day fully supported extreme weight loss program that works. It includes…
The 90 day iShrink.me extreme weight loss program begins with an entertaining and informative two day seminar. Armed with new information, new insights and a new mindset your journey to a new you begins! 90 days of ongoing support and coaching to help you stay in the right mindset to keep losing weight… Because its not just about diet and exercise. It’s a mind thing!

The results will blow your mind!

As seen on TV

5 overweight truckies from Albury lost almost 300 kilo between them in a matter of months!

If they can do it, you can too!

Forget about losing weight only to put it all back on... Do it once... do it right...
don't do it again!

What results can you expect?

Men... up to 45 kilos in 90 days.

Ladies... up to 30 kilos in 90 days...

Individual results may vary.

What do you get?

The Seminar:

New information.
New insights.
A new understanding.
A new approach and…
A new mindset.

On-going support:

90 days of one on one personalised coaching via email, sms and phone calls… We even do online video calls if it helps!

Why does it work?

Because weight loss is not just about diet and exercise...

it's a mind thing!

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