It was for Greg Chandler…
Here’s what he said after losing 15kg in 5 weeks without exercising.

I needed 5 insulin injections daily plus diabetes tablets, anti-inflammatory meds, blood pressure tablets and pain killers. 9 tablets in total per day.

I had lost all feeling in my feet and lower legs, I had sleep apnoea, snored and fell asleep for hours throughout the day.

Today I weigh 104kgs. I take no diabetes medication at all. Blood sugar levels stay between 7-8. I am off all other meds. My blood pressure is perfect. My podiatrist is astounded as the feeling is back in my feet and legs. My eyesight is improving my sleep apnoea and snoring gone!

This is entirely due to James Duncan and his amazing weight loss program and his ongoing support and motivation. James Duncan is a legend because of him I now look forward to a longer life where I can enjoy my grand children

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