Author James Duncan

I (James Duncan) am a retired (or at least trying to be retired)  Therapist with many years clinical experience.

In my wildest dreams, I would never have imagined I was to become a “weight-loss” therapist.

I became a therapist in order to answer some particularly intriguing questions: “Why do most people who are diagnosed with a terminal illness die, yet some people don’t die?” Why is this so? “Why do some people experience a sudden unexplained “Spontaneous Remission” (some might call them Miracles) and yet others don’t? Even if death as a result of their illness is not a particularly appealing thought, they usually die. But certainly not always!

This led to all manner of interesting research. Ultimately, I concluded illness is a response to stressful experiences. Trauma; as we have come to know it; is an extreme and intense form of stress. Therefore, stress is a form of trauma with a lower intensity emotional reaction. I also concluded that what makes an experience “stressful” is really only ever our point of view; our opinions of the event or situation. Fortunately for us, we have the wonderful option of changing our opinion; our point of view. We have the capacity to change our minds!

I had many astounding successes. I learned what was required to deliberately and consciously induce a “Spontaneous Remission” from a very wide range of ailments and illnesses. Be them physical, mental or emotional.

My attention moved from “incurable” chronic physical, mental and emotional conditions and diseases, to the problem of excess body weight; obesity. An inability to lose weight. I successfully dealt with my own weight issue.

Obesity is now classified as a chronic health condition. The Extreme Weight Loss program has been developed over many years of independent research and study. I successfully managed to lose in excess of 50 kilos and have kept it off ever since.

I used the information I learned from using myself as a “human crash test dummy” to help many clients achieve similar, and often even more impressive results, and to also keep the weight off indefinitely.

Ultimately, I could no longer keep up the demand for my services. At the insistence, and with the help of a former client; Fiona Spencer, I began to present my findings in a very unique manner to groups of people. The results were also astounding. Those presentations have evolved to become what is now know as the “Kiss your Arse Goodbye” Extreme Weight Loss seminars. I am very proud of them, and am very grateful for Fiona’s ongoing support. Thousands of people have improved their lives as a result of her efforts.

It is my intention that you, and many others, benefit as a result of my study and Fiona’s hard work.

This is the most unique, logical, comprehensive, life changing,
cost effective and thorough 
approach to losing weight available anywhere in the world!

This is the most unique, logical, comprehensive, life changing, cost effective and thorough approach to losing weight available anywhere in the world!

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