Both the Live on-line and live in-person seminars are conducted over two full days, usually a weekend.

They start at 9am and conclude at around 5:45pm on both the Saturday and the Sunday.

Advantages of a live in-person seminar
  • Group environment.
  • Atmosphere.
  • Not distracted by other members of the household or other devices… i.e. mobile phones etc.
  • Can interact with other participants.
  • The information and handouts are presented in a controlled, organised manner.
  • Everything is provided.
  • Staying at alternative accomodation; should you need/want to… away from the distractions and demands of normal day to day life, can have very important advantages.
  • It gives the privacy and opportunity to focus wholly on yourself for the duration of the seminar, and for the essential ‘life-review’ on the Saturday night.
Disadvantages of a live in-person seminar
  • The potential for additional costs for travelling and accomodation.
  • Risk of inadvertently being exposed to COVID-19 from other seminar participants.
  • Possible uncontrollable distractions during the guided meditation on the Sunday afternoon.
  • Allocated seating may not be to everyone’s liking.
  • Minimal control over meal choices with the included catering.
Advantages of a live online seminar:
  • You are guaranteed to have a front-row seat.
  • You can move around to stretch whilst still participating… even outside the scheduled breaks.
  • You have full control of your environment.
  • You are in the comfort of your own home.
  • You get to self-cater and can make a cup of tea or coffee whenever you like.
  • Can ask questions and get answers from the seminar hosts (but not the presenter) whilst the presentation is underway.
  • Zero risk of inadvertently becoming infected with COVID-19 from other seminar participants.
  • No travelling or additional accomodation expenses.
Disadvantages of a live in-person seminar
  • Long periods spent in front of a computer screen.
  • Risk of technological problems… i.e. slow internet speeds or software glitches.
  • Potential distractions due to other household/family members
  • You don’t have the benefit (or potential dis-advantages) of being in a group environment.
  • Can’t interact with other seminar participants.
  • The need to exercise self-control by not opening the supplied documentation prior to the recommended times.
  • You are in your normal home environment and as such don’t have the feeling of excitement of being at a special event in a different and unique environment.

Suggestions to have the best experience from a live in-person seminar

Seriously consider spending the Saturday night of the seminar at a motel or somewhere you can be assured of total privacy and freedom from the demands/distractions of other family members.

Suggestions to have the best experience from a live online seminar

Note: This is a live online meeting, not an online webinar!

The difference is you will be able to be seen by the other participants, as well as the presenter and the hosts. You will also be able to be heard; except when either you, or the host has muted your microphone. With this in mind, it is suggested that you dress appropriately… your pyjamas may well be comfortable, but you wouldn’t wear them to a live in-person event. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions at various times.

We go to great lengths to make the online seminars look and feel like a live in-person event. There are a number of things you can do to help improve your experience. You have made a significant investment in both time and money to attend, therefore anything you can do to ensure you get the biggest ‘bang for your bucks’ has got to be a good thing!

Here are some suggestions

Get organised: There are three scheduled breaks on each day of the seminar. They are relatively short. It will be helpful to have morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea preprepared.

Ask for the cooperation of other household members: Are you likely to be interrupted by children, husband/wife/partner, visitors, pets? Everyone’s circumstances are different, what factors are likely to limit your experience? What can you do to minimise them?

Anything you can do to reduce distractions and increase your involvement in the seminar will be worthwhile.

The experience will be far more enjoyable and beneficial on a larger screen… Your mobile phone may well be a wonderful and convenient device for all manner of things; but not for a two day online meeting! Can you connect your device/computer to your TV?

It’s best for your comfort and ability to focus to have your own space. If you and a friend/ family member have booked into the seminar and intend sharing a screen, be aware you will be sitting off-centre, on an angle, or potentially even a bit squished… Not ideal for a two-day online meeting! Different people grasp information and concepts differently… Everyone is an individual, and we are aiming to give you an individual experience. Having company can distract you and may even ruin your experience. Sitting front-on to your computer and upright is by far the best for concentration and comfort.

Distractions caused by other members of the household can be frustrating and difficult to control. You might consider buying/borrowing a quality set of noise cancelling headphones to help eliminate possible distractions and create a deeper immersion and feeling of participation in the seminar. These will also be extremely helpful when we do the live ‘guided meditation’ on the Sunday afternoon.

Is your internet connection reliable and up to the job? Mostly the average household internet connection is more than adequate; but not always, and it can depend on how many people are using your internet connection simultaneously. Sufficient bandwidth can be critical to preventing buffering which can ruin your experience of the seminar. If you have other members of your household (usually your children) streaming movies or participating in other online activities that use high volumes of data or bandwidth, it can lead to ‘not enough bandwidth’ left for you! Sorta sucks… is there something you can do to ensure you wont have internet issues? Is it practical to ask other household/family members to limit their internet usage whilst you are participating in the seminar? If not, is there somewhere else you can go that can offer both adequate internet access and privacy? Is it worth considering staying in a motel for the duration of the seminar and using their internet? Sure, there are additional costs, but it might make all the difference for you…

Feedback from our Live Online attendees:

“I participated in the first iShrink zoom seminar with James in October 2021. Not only did I get the same great content as the face-to-face seminar but I could experience it from the convenience and comfort of my own home. I was able to sit, stand or move around while listening to James, which for someone with chronic back issues was amazing.

I would highly recommend this seminar as even in the short time that has past, I have already seen significant positive physical and mental changes within myself. Thank you to James, Fiona, Bev and all the team at iShrink. I look forward to what the future holds for me.”

Sharon N.

“The information was very thought provoking and made me look at things from a different perspective than I have before. It made me consider things differently. The style of presentation was entertaining, and via zoom was more like a private conversation with James - I'm imagining that the face to course may have been more interactive with the ability to laugh and comment/converse with James and others.

Gave me a totally new way to think about my mind and how it relates to SO many aspects of my life.

Overall the seminar was “Mind changing!”

KerriAnne S.

“Information was fantastic and very well explained too, animal analogies were brilliant. I loved that this was online and could do it from home where we feel safe.

We had no distractions, and interruptions ie looking around the conference room and interruptions from people asking questions are very hard to manage in a live face to face environment.”

Overall the seminar was “Fantastic, insightful, better than any other weight loss seminars/ courses I have every taken, keep up the great work. Thank you James for being very real, loved your enthusiasm”

Fiona C.

"The information and the seminar style were “engaging and informative. Inspirational. Breaking weight loss down to the psychology, makes so much more sense than yoyo dieting"

Alison H.

I found James very relatable. I was hesitant of the online platform to start as I didn’t thing that I would get the full experience, however I felt very engaged and happy with the events of the weekend and the content.

The pre seminar videos gave me some understanding of the seminar,
and now it all fits perfectly.

Patrice F.

James presented the information fantastically. For such long sessions, he made it entertaining.

The 4 ‘pre seminar’ videos are really good and prepared me well. I loved the meditation, it was a highlight. I liked the talk about self sabotage. It is really important! James really can motivate!


I started on this journey after being inspired by a work colleague of how amazing she looked. I was intrigued to find out more, after sharing her secret I immediately booked myself to attend the seminar

By understanding and controlling the part of our mind that controls our physical body I [realised I] was completely off track with my weight loss journey. I struggled with my weight throughout my life and being on countless diets only to weigh more than when I first started.

Knowing that this program is fast, easy, permanent weight-loss... Without exercise! It’s a no-brainer anyone can do it if they choose to.

The best investment I have ever made... thank you James and the team.”

T. Hanna

This is the most unique, logical, comprehensive, life changing,
cost effective and thorough 
approach to losing weight available anywhere in the world!

This is the most unique, logical, comprehensive, life changing, cost effective and thorough approach to losing weight available anywhere in the world!

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