Why do some people lose the weight and keep it off… But others lose weight only to put it all back on… yet again?

A fascinating question don’t you think? Surely there must be a reason for this frustrating phenomenon… but what could it possibly be?

The ishrink.me Extreme weight loss program has a magnificent track record. Literally thousands of people have had life-changing results. Many of them lose weight permanently and get off the yo- yo diet treadmill… but not always, and not everyone. How come?

The answer is really simple and may come as a surprise. It’s because they continue to think the way they always thought. When confronted with the stressful events that invariably plague our day to day lives, they form the same opinions they learned to form in the past, and as a result experience the same effects… weight gain, along with potentially a whole host of physical, mental and emotional disturbances. In short, they forget to apply all four patterns of the program, particularly the mind-tools. They go back to their old habits of thought, and mistakenly conclude that losing weight is all about the food. Even after spending two days at a seminar predominantly devoted to showing them how their minds and memories are what’s really causing their weight problem.

Think about this: The program itself consists of a number of completely different components; Patterns of movement, patterns of eating, patterns of breathing and most importantly, patterns of thinking. They all have the same ultimate objective; to stop the weight-gain reaction, and to reverse it… to cause a weight-loss reaction. Once the desired weight has been achieved, the program uses both the understanding of learning how habits of mind are formed, combined with the recognition of the role of different combinations of food, to train the mind to maintain the new weight. Once the new weight has been ‘learned’ by the part of the mind that controls the physical body… you stay at that weight indefinitely. Woohoo… this effectively ends the yo-yo diet problem permanently, and allows you to enjoy life without spending the rest of your days dieting. Awesome!…. UNLESS… Here’s the big sticking point. The point that even those who have successfully completed the program tend to overlook. Unless you inadvertently… accidentally… trigger the weight-gain reaction once again. If that happens, and you don’t actively (consciously and deliberately) set about stopping that reaction, and reversing it once again by using the tools that cause a ‘weight-loss’ reaction, then… suck it up Princess… Kiss your arse hello! You’ll regain the weight you worked so hard to lose.

If that little conundrum doesn’t suck ferociously, I dunno what does! Part of the problem is that we have all been conditioned to think that losing weight is all about eating a balanced diet, getting more exercise and increasing our metabolism. Well… I’m here to tell you that is just complete and utter bullshit! If it were true we would all be skinny and Jenny Craig would be at the wrong end of the unemployment queue at the local dole office.

The other part of the problem: We are by and large, totally unaware of the role our thoughts take in causing the weight-gain reaction in the first place! We mistakenly think our thoughts are harmless and couldn’t possible be somehow responsible for, and contribute to, our physical, mental and emotional health… including our weight. It’s the ‘unawareness’ of the role of thought and the misuse of ‘mind’ that has a massive contribution to causing the problem. Interestingly, it also has the primary role in solving the problem! But… we don’t see it. We have been conditioned; just like Pavlov’s dogs, to think the keys to weight-loss are diet, exercise and increasing our metabolism.

After attending an iShrink.me Extreme Weight-loss seminar, most people are super inspired; Their mindset has shifted. They can finally see a logical solution to a problem that may have plagued them for many years. They recognise the importance of keeping on top of the weight-loss game by keeping on top of their thoughts. They have a logical and acceptable strategy to deal with their challenging past experiences, and the understanding of why it is so important. They appreciate the need to practise the breathing patterns. They are grateful for the ongoing support offered by the whole iShrink.me team. They start the program and are gobsmacked at their fantastic results… woohoo… Yeah baby, welcome to groundhog day! They go absolute gangbusters. Often achieving results that would qualify them for the Guinness book of records. Astounding… Most people achieve their goal… but not everyone.

For some, something really suck-worthy seems to happen… Life gets in the way. All of a sudden their minds becomes filled with reasons to fail rather than reasons to succeed. They start to make excuses; just a little bit won’t hurt, will it? Their mindset gets destroyed. They forget about the mind-tools they were given at the seminar; tools that were designed to protect their mindset. They no longer recognise the program consists of four patterns that all work together to turn off the weight gain reaction and kick-start the weight loss reaction. They go back to old, unhelpful patterns of thinking. ‘Cos lets face it, losing weight is all about the food, right? Before ya know it…tada, just like magic… it’s back… their arse that is! Totally disheartened, they end up back where they started from. This whole unhappy scenario could have been completely avoided if they just stuck with the program in its entirety. Not just the patterns of eating, but the patterns of breathing, movement and thought as well.

I’ve heard stories about people who have attended our seminar, done the program, lost massive amounts of weight; 80 kilos, a hundred kilos, even more! They’ve had life-changing results and been an inspiration to countless others, including themselves. They got their life and their health back. They got happy! But then, some of them also succumbed to the pressures of life and forgot the need to apply the mind tools, to practise the breathing patterns. They allowed ‘worry’ to fill their minds. They allowed stuff to matter that really didn’t. Often, they tried to start again. They went straight back to the patterns of eating… but forgot about the other aspects of the program. What did they get? The same results they always got!

Maybe they thought the ‘mind-stuff’ was unimportant, or even irrelevant. Possibly they dismissed the mind tools as unnecessary. Mostly however, I think they just forgot to use them and went back to old habits of thought. Because, let’s face it… if you don’t use it, you… lose it.

If you’ve done the program and regained some, or all of your weight, don’t panic. We have put together a special version of the seminar which highlights the important areas that are often overlooked… the patterns of breathing, the on-going coaching, and the mind-tools! We will help you reacquire your mindset and recommit to yourself. Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more.

If you have not done the program and are curious if it will work for you, my suggestion is to have a thorough look through the website. You’ll notice the information is all leading to the provable fact that weight-loss is far more ‘mind related’ rather than diet and exercise related; it’s a mind thing!

Will it work for you? Absolutely it can. Perhaps a more appropriate question is; Will you work with it? If you do what you have always done, you will only ever get what you always got. If you do what everybody else does, you will get what everybody else got. If you do what those that lost the weight and didn’t put it back on did… then you too will lose the weight, and not put it back on!

What did they do that was different? They worked with the program in its entirety… they recognised the importance of the ‘mind-tools’ and they used them often. They used the breathing patterns to communicate with their unconscious mind and to speed-up the fat burning process. They didn’t make excuses to justify failure, they kept their minds safe in the ‘here and now’. They followed the bouncing ball… and when they got to their goal weight, they ‘consciously and deliberately’ continued to use the mind tools to prevent themselves from ‘accidentally’ regaining the weight. Most importantly, they ‘got happy’!

Ask yourself these really important questions; What do you want? Why do you want it? How much do you want it?… Do you want it enough to throw out your preconceived ideas about what’s required to lose weight, and open your mind to some provable, logical and practical new information? Are you prepared to choose to follow the program in its entirety?

The missing ingredients in weight loss are happiness and peace of mind. Happiness, just like weight loss… is a mind-thing! The iShrink.me extreme weight loss program is exactly that… a program. It is not a diet. There are multiple aspects to it. When you ‘consciously and deliberately’ apply and work with all of them, the results are pretty much assured… it’s like you almost can’t help but get skinny! But… if you only follow the eating plans, chances are you will get what you always got… lose weight; put it back on… yet again. Sorta sucks don’t ya reckon?

“The Lord helps those that help themselves” If you really want to help yourself, and “Kiss your arse goodbye”… then perhaps you could consider getting off it; your arse that is!

Step 1: Make contact with us. We will do whatever we can to help.

Step 2: Attend a seminar. There are plenty of options available.

Step 3: Do the program. All of it, not just the food aspects.

Step 4: Once you have completed the program, continue to use the mind-tools to deal with the challenges of life as they come along… so you pro-actively prevent your self from regaining the weight you worked so hard to lose.



By helping you understand and control the part of your mind that controls your physical body, you will… Shrink yourself forever. We are dedicated to helping you look and feel amazing.


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