Tony lost 50KGs!


“I wanted to reach out to you and just say thank you. Thanks to Dino for telling us about it and his ongoing support. And to the team for your efforts, starting with the inspirational seminar and all the way with ongoing support and encouragement. Clearly, we could not be here without all of you. And not to overstate it, but the change for us has been lifesaving!!!!


Josephine and I have been on this journey since mid-October 2019, save a month due to our nuptials. We have been working with Fiona and made the decision to “lock in” our efforts for winter so we have started maintenance. Whilst Josephine has reached her goal BMI, I still have a way to go…and my plan is to recommence in late August so I can be done and dusted for Xmas.

I have lost 50kg’s! In the past I couldn’t ever imagine myself at this weight let alone my goal BMI.


My life has been one big yo-yo experience but always going to new highs on that hated scale and back to the Big Men’s store for next size clothing (certainly never any nice fashion options there).


I have tried everything including bariatric surgery! And let me be clear the program has been the best and the easiest of everything I have tried. God bless you for inventing the program.

When I was rationalising the effort this would take, I used an accounting analogy:


If every 10kg lost added 2 years to your life then the ROI is extraordinary… so why not make the investment. If it was a business deal you wouldn’t hesitate! So what if you miss one Christmas dinner or birthday cake… there will be many more to enjoy.


There is so much more to say but I will leave it for my final thank you when I reach my goal BMI.


Stay safe and never stop helping people like me with lifelong weight challenges.”




By helping you understand and control the part of your mind that controls your physical body, you will… Shrink yourself forever. We are dedicated to helping you look and feel amazing.


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