Tanya’s Story


Tanya’s story

“YIPPEE!! I’ve made it to a loss of 50.8kgs. Here is a new photo of me weighing 77.1kgs.”

We absolutely LOVE getting emails like this!!

“I was nervous in the beginning. I knew I was overweight, I had tried other weight loss programs and had lost weight for sure but always put it back on plus more. By lunchtime on the first day of the seminar I knew I was in this whatever it took.

By Sunday night when I got home I was in a different mindset. I started the program’s food plan that night. Not once have I varied from the plan. Through three daughters big birthdays, my birthday & my husband’s birthday I stayed strong. Also I’m a baker, a serious baker. Birthdays, weddings etc I bake cakes. Again I never faulted.

I hated photos of myself and avoided them at all expense, I hated shopping for clothes. So I’d buy myself food instead of clothes. Now I love both shopping and photos!!!

Seeing the reaction from people who haven’t seen me for a while makes me smile! My family is so very supportive. We have been away for two family trips so along comes my scales, folder and food plan. A trip to Wagga shopping includes my little esky with my day’s food. It’s so easy to stick to.  I feel so awesome and so proud.”

We are so proud of you too Tanya!

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