Sue’s Story


“Looking at these photos is jaw dropping to me!!” 32kgs GONE!

I got started when a friend who went to Melbourne, from Newcastle, to do the course. She told me about it afterwards, encouraging me and suggested I do it as it was coming to Newcastle in February 2020. I asked my husband and he said, yes do it. I was sooo overweight and feeling down. I had my ovaries and tubes out June 2019 and after that I gained even more weight!! I had lost hope and felt I would never lose weight ever again. I’ve done the yoyo – up and down – with my weight over my life.

The Seminar was empowering for me and from it I was able to work through issues, traumas in my life (with God) and let go and forgive.

I’ve gained more understanding of choices I make for my own good. In the seminar I asked James about going out for birthdays etc. He suggested I probably not do it. I guess I was a little disheartened by that, as I’m a social butterfly, so I went out for several birthdays (including my own) and gained empowerment by eating only what I ‘chose’ and I still lost weight!! I kept saying to people “I’m choosing to only eat this.” There are so many benefits from the seminar that I will have with me always!!

My journey has not been easy, at times I would get frustrated but never gave up!! The relaxation podcast is great and the “Pearls of wisdom” from James were awesome week to week. Bev from coaching was always encouraging. I needed the accountability of sending my weight tracker each week, keeping me focused. As the weight came down I felt more empowered.

The health benefits have been amazing!! I got off my blood pressure medication within a month. My asthma has virtually gone!! I take one puff of preventative medication every second day and that’s it. No reliever medication is required. I climbed a mountain 420m up to a lookout – I huffed and puffed but no asthma!! I’ve been able to ride a pushbike and walk with no asthma!! I have been an asthmatic since I was a young child. Arthritis pain is no longer in my hands. No bloating and my digestion has improved out of sight. I believe the types of food on the programme have helped with all my symptoms and of course the weight loss.

I’ve never been this thin in my life and I plan to stay this way, one day at a time!

Today my mottos I have adopted are: “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” and “I used to live to eat and now I eat to live.”

Thanks to all the team! Thank you James… this programme was literally a God send to me!!

I feel a bit sad that this is the end but it is really just the beginning!!


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