Shane’s Story


I have been on a life changing journey for the past nine months.  I have lost 64kgs, over 250cm off my body and I was a size 24-26 now I’m fitting into size 12-14 clothes.

When I started the program, I weighed 140.6kgs.  I was very unhealthy with high blood pressure, pre diabetes, sleep apnoea, fluid retention and constant back and joint pain just to name a few things. I have struggled with my weight and been a ‘Big Girl’ my whole life.

I heard about the program from a friend of mine at work who had been to a seminar and looked AMAZING.  I was inspired to do something about my unhealthy weight and poor eating habits.

So, in July 2020 I attended the 2-day seminar in Wagga Wagga.  Afterwards, I could not wait to start the program.

I highly recommend the program to anyone who is wanting to improve their life mentally and physically.  It hasn’t been easy but I was staunch and stuck strictly to the program especially through Christmas, my birthday and Easter.

I am so grateful to James, Fiona and a special thank you to Bev for her coaching support throughout my time with  A big thank you to my Mum who attended the seminar with me and my family and friends for their ongoing support and encouragement.

I learnt a lot during this program about how to lose weight and about myself. My last day on the program was Friday 30th April????.  I’ve made it to Brisvegas!!

I cannot thank You, James and team enough and want to let you all know how grateful I am. Anyone who asks me how I lost the weight I tell them and I highly recommend they to go to the seminar.

So again Thank You, Thank You, Thank You ????









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