Phil’s Story


Phil’s story – better than ever!

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone at

The journey was fun, tough at times but I pushed through, stayed on the train and now fitter and healthier than I have been in over 20years. Plus with a super clear head. 

Today I finally took the opportunity to take my final pictures and I’m still so totally blown away.

Some stats from my journey:
I started at 112kgs, wearing between a 40-42inch stretch jeans. XL-XXL – t-shirt

83kg wearing a 32” shorts, and medium slim fit t-shirt.

My whole wardrobe has been slowly given away, my daughter loves receiving the oversize hoodies.

I’m absolutely loving walking into the shop, and my size of clothes are there.

Thank you so much for providing the tools and support to change my life for ever!!!”

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