Natalie finally put herself first!

“WOW what a ride. I learnt so much. Not just about myself, but about other’s around me. I did the seminar because I had already lost 20kg before I got married 14yrs earlier. Yes, I had put it all back on, plus a couple more for good measure. 

I had listened to many people when they would tell me that I was big boned. It’s easy to tell ourselves that, then to say I’m fat. No one wants to hear that. But how do you lose it and keep it off? 

Between doing the seminar in Newcastle in Feb 8th and 9th and starting the diet on the 12th I lost 1.2kg doing nothing. Now I sit here on the 24th Sept 2020 writing this, I have lost a MASSIVE  40.5kg, I have dropped 7 dress sizes (yes, that’s right.  – size 20, size 18, size 16, size 14, size 12, size 10 & now size 8) I realised that this is whom I should have been. All that time. I love me! I AM HAPPY!!!!!!

I purchased a dress today. My god. Not just a dress but a form fitting dress. 

This has been the best thing that I could have ever done. It has had the best outcome that I could have ever imagined. 

THIS has been the best money I have ever spent. I have finally put myself first. 

Who would have thought it would have taken so many years to find the real me.

Natalie ❤️ your work James, Bev and the Team at” 



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