Matts Story

You have to read this! This amazing man attended our Canberra seminar only ONE month ago… we
cannot be more excited for him and his journey. This is his story…

Hi I’m Matt, I’m a 44yr old male and my whole life I have been overweight and fighting to lose weight, I like many others have tried many different forms of dieting and exercise, some have been successful for a short period of time, but all end up the same way and I either stop due to a long plateau period of no weight loss, or I put all the weight I lost back on plus more, never been able to find a diet or way of successfully losing the weight and keeping it off.
I’ve seen many doctors and nutritionists over the years, which have all said the same thing… “eat a healthier diet and get more exercise.

I went through a very dark period if my life and subsequently suffered severely with depression and
anxiety, to the point I became suicidal. My marriage fell apart and I lost my job all within a couple of
months of each other, which then lead to me losing everything I had worked so hard for. I ended up
having to move back in with my parents, which at age 40 was also a massive hit to my mental health.
My mother had heard about James and through a tv ad and also through someone she
knows who went through the program, so she decided to check it out and proceeded to dob me in
for the seminar. My anxiety levels went through the roof in anticipation of me not only having to go, but to be out in
public where I would be around people.

I reluctantly went to the seminar held in Canberra and in all honesty my mind was not open to the
idea at all, what the hell is a wacky hypnotherapist gonna do for me and my weight loss that no
doctor or nutritionist has previously been able to help me with? When I got to the venue, I couldn’t find a car park close to the front doors, let alone close to the venue, and as my mobility was absolutely shot, it was not easy for me to deal with, playing massively on my depression and anxiety. I thought to myself, bugger it I’m just gonna leave and not bother.
However after spending the money to go and a voice in my head saying, “at least give it a try”, I
managed to find a car park, then summoning every ounce of mental strength I could, I entered the
venue and met Fiona and James, who both made me feel welcomed.
By the first break in the first day, my mind was starting to open up to what James was saying and
from there things started to turn around. It was like James already knew me and my story, which made a huge impact on me, simply because someone knew what I had gone through my entire life, and how I was bullied and put down throughout it all, simply for being overweight, which is something that happened, I certainly didn’t ask for it nor did I want it but it’s what ‘life’ had dealt me.

After the first day I had found myself feeling extremely emotional and vulnerable, but also that there
was hope. This was my last chance due to my size and weight and also my mental health.
At the end of the two-day seminar, I already felt that things had massively changed for me and this
was a new beginning, I could not thank both Fiona and James enough for what they had done for me
already. I was excited and had a new rejuvenated look on life.

I was, and am, constantly amazed at just how much the mind can have an influence and massive
effect on not only your mental health but your physical health and wellbeing. James had guided the class through how to deal with stress and issues both past and present, and how to not only manage but change your own destiny and life.
This is just the beginning of my story and my new life, my name is Matt and I’m a 44yr old male, I
started my journey weighing 296.4Kg (yes not a typo) suffering with severe depression and anxiety.

It’s now been 4 weeks since I started and I’m down to 270.4Kg which is a loss of 26kg, my depression
is now gone and my anxiety is now very manageable, all this in a matter of just 4 weeks.
I will be keeping you all up to date on my progress and new life every 4 weeks, to track my progress
through this amazing journey.
Again I cannot thank James, Fiona and the team at iShrink enough.
To be continued…….



By helping you understand and control the part of your mind that controls your physical body, you will… Shrink yourself forever. We are dedicated to helping you look and feel amazing.


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