Matts Story Part 2

Hi to everyone that’s reading this and following my journey. My name’s Matt and this is my continued story…

It’s now Monday 6th April 2020 and it’s been another four weeks since my last story. I attended the iShrink seminar in Canberra on the 1st and 2nd February 2020 and started my journey on the 10th February, now making it eight weeks since I started.

As many of you would be aware my starting weight was 296.4Kg and my waist measured 211cm. In the first four weeks I lost 26.0Kg and 11cm putting me at 270.4Kg and 200cm around my waist.

Today now marks eight weeks and in this last four weeks I dropped a further 10.8Kg and 12cm, putting my current weight at 259.6Kg and waist at 188cm.

My total weight loss at 36.8Kg and 23cm in just eight weeks.

I knew this month was gonna slow down quite a bit but at times I found myself struggling somewhat. I was reminded to shoot those bloody parrots and also to keep my homework and breathing techniques going.

I found that these helped me to keep on track and keep focused, I also kept reminding myself to just focus day to day and on the here and now.

My depression played up a little this month but I looked back at where I was before I started and where I am now and that made a huge impact on me and my mental health and made me realise just how far I’ve come already. My anxiety hasn’t really been an issue this month at all and I’ve even gone to the local shops without it being a major issue.

I am so proud of myself with what I’ve already achieved and so grateful to James and the team for helping me when needed and reminding me to focus on what I want, why I want it and just how bad I want it.

It’s funny, going through the seminar and having James repeat these important words, techniques and stories over and over again, and realising when you are living life just how important these things actually are and how much they actually help.

If anyone is starting out or thinking about starting their own journey, then I implore you to listen to James and follow his instructions and advice daily… it can and does mean the difference between success and failure.

I am so looking forward to seeing you all in sunny Brisvegas! Until then I will be focusing on me and the here and now and taking things day by day.

Again massive thank you to James and the team.

To be continued….



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