Leanne’s Story


Leanne’s story

73kg down!

I went to the weekend seminar with James and his lovely staff 12 months ago feeling self-conscious, unfit and generally miserable. I weighed over 152kg and my future wasn’t looking good. I was on blood pressure medication x 2.  Anti-depressants.  Bordering on diabetes.  Not sleeping and no fitness level at all.  My stress and anxiety levels were through the roof. Not a good look for a nurse lol.

I have tried everything in the past to lose weight, including surgery.  I had a few times on my journey that I fell off the tightrope and had to get back on.  MY JOURNEY was a valuable learning experience. Determined to reach Brisvegas.  Mine was a little like the slow boat to China at times.

Happy to say after the program I look at life differently now.  73 kg down.

  • Off BP medication.
  • Almost weaned of anti-depressants after 40 years.
  • My pain medication put the window.
  • I love to walk.
  • To eat healthy.
  • To enjoy life.
  • No longer short of breath.
  • I sleep well.
  • I have a new lease on life.
  • My anxiety is now better managed and my stress levels are better.

Super excited for James book.  I have learnt so much about how our thoughts control us and how to now manage them effectively and efficiently I can’t thank the team enough for the tools they have given me and the life I can now live.   Ps. I have so many clothes now. It’s so easy to shop for a size 12/14 instead of a 28/30.  THANK YOU.


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