Kristens Story


How good is this!?? We absolutely love having stories like this come back to us!

Kirsten has gone from 122.7 kilos to just 80… and she’s feeling (and looking) GREAT!“

I started this program in October 2019, two days after attending the seminar with James in Wagga Wagga.The person I was then was depressed and had given up on feeling good about herself. I felt like I could only dream about feeling healthy and confident in my own skin, but with the help of James and Bev, in just five short months that dream became reality.

I lost 42.7 kilos but I gained a wealth of knowledge and new life skills!

Yes, I struggled at times but with Bev only a phone call away, she had me back on track and confident that I could this. And I did! I cannot thank James enough for his program. Not only is it changing my life but it’s allowing me to keep up with my five year son again!”

Well done Kirsten, there’s nothing better than being able to spend time being active and happy with your kids, you’re a great role model!

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