Judy’s story – finding a positive approach to life!

Judy started her ‘new life’ on the 26th June 2018. In her words “at a huge 165kgs.”

By the time she completed her journey in April 2019, she had lost a staggering 67kgs.

“This was the start of my new and wonderful life, it’s not just about the weight loss but a lot of soul searching and being truthful to yourself.” Judy said.

She no longer struggles with anxiety and depression; and lives her life to the full.

Judy is always conscious of something James said… ‘Live in the HERE and NOW, be safe, live for today’ – and that’s exactly what she’s doing.

“I now live stress-free, I love how this works in my mind, the weight loss is a bonus!”

“Some days during my journey were tough but this is a just part of getting my mind in a positive and strong place,” she said.

We think Judy has had a remarkable journey, and it’s wonderful to see her looking and feeling so good.

“I can’t thank iShrink.me Extreme Weight Loss enough. Thank you, James and the team for all your support, I have kept the weigh off and will do so for the rest of my life.”

We know you’ve got this, Judy! Enjoy every day of your new life!



By helping you understand and control the part of your mind that controls your physical body, you will… Shrink yourself forever. We are dedicated to helping you look and feel amazing.


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