Healthy and happy!


Kirsten was drawn to Extreme Weight Loss by the fact that it wasn’t just a diet, it concentrated on the mind.

“After a sudden breakup and dealing with quite a few issues over the years I knew I needed to make a holistic change. I wanted to get my health back,” Kirsten said.

And she absolutely has…! She’s feeling much more confident and happier with everything, as well as feeling younger!

She’s even started online dating!!

“I’m amazed that the diet has been easy to follow and I had no detox symptoms which you would normally expect. Love fitting into all my clothes I had kept over the last 10 years hoping I would fit back into them… so glad I did!”

Kirsten has lost a lot of weight, as you can see in these amazing photos, but the weight is the icing on the cake really… she’s never felt better and she’s changed her life for the better!

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