Elaine’s Story


The weight loss struggle.. Elaine’s story.

“I have been overweight and on and off diets most of my life. Some of the diets were successful, for a time, but then the weight would just creep back on and mostly more than when I’d started the diet. None of them ever really dealt with what was going on in my mind and it was always a struggle to stay on it.

My friend Paula found and we decided to do the seminar in March this year. It was a great weekend and I could feel the difference in the car on the way home. I’ve been doing now for 17 weeks and have lost 32kgs and 105cms. Besides losing weight and my health improving, I love how positive I feel. I don’t feel I’m missing out when people around me are eating something, as this time I’m choosing not to eat it rather than depriving myself.

I started at 135kgs and I’m now half way in a little over four months. As a bonus I’m being taken off my blood pressure medication by my doctor. My cholesterol has gone from 7 to 4, sugar and high inflammation levels are now normal. I am so thrilled!”

Thank you Elaine, for sharing your story with us, you’re an inspiration!

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