Doing it for herself

November 2021, a girlfriend introduced me to – we caught up for a coffee and to my surprise she had done the program – she looked sensational.  On chatting I had said to her how I would love to lose 10 Kilos and we all know how hard that is as you get older.  She didn’t tell me much, only it is life changing and it will be the best thing I could do for myself and I should do it!  That night I went home and signed up.

My journey began on the 12th & 13th of February – I was a little nervous as it was an online live seminar and it wasn’t online when I booked it, but due to COVID things had changed.  I feel this was delivered the best way for me in the comfort of my own home and it was run extremely professionally and tailored to our group doing the seminar.

So I kicked off on Tuesday 15th February 2022. My start weight was 73 kilos and I set my weight loss goal at 10 kilos.  Working full time, I knew I would have some challenges initially but I overcame them as I put myself first, as this is something that I really wanted for me.  Seven weeks in I had reached my 10 kilo goal. I decided to shed another five kilos and this came off easy enough and I was 15 kilos down at the twelve week mark.  I sneakily kept going as I was feeling great, looking great and now people had started to notice.  All up I lost 20 kilos in 21 weeks.  The support from the Team was never far away – I will admit I had a few small melt downs along the way as the weight loss had stopped. James & Michelle always found a way to help me never lose sight of what I wanted. There were reasons why my weight loss had stopped, they helped me navigate through my rough patches.  Seeing my results also kept me motivated.

I have been on medication for high blood pressure for the past 12 years and under the guidance from my own doctor I have been able to come off this medication and have not looked back.  I have so much energy now and literally cannot wait for Summer.

I also needed to replace my whole wardrobe – who wouldn’t want to do this!

This is the best one thing in my life I have ever done for myself.  Life changing as my girlfriend had said!




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