Deanne Looks Stunning!

Broken. Unworthy. Burdened. Unlovable.

Before I began this journey I carried around a lot of weight – both the PHYSICAL and the EMOTIONAL kind. I hated myself.

Walking into the seminar that day was hard. I felt embarrassed. I felt broken. I felt unworthy. I felt powerless. But I made the deliberate CHOICE to fully commit to the process – the good,  the hard and the weird.

That day in June. That day changed my life. 

That day I learnt that weight gain didn’t always mean lazy and unworthy. Weight was PAIN and STRESS. I wasn’t unworthy. I was in pain and I had things in my life that I had to deal with. 

That day I learnt how to work through trauma, how to forgive and let go.

That day I learnt that I had been ‘running away from the sabre tooth tiger’ for most of my life. 

So that day I stopped running. 

That day I went home and did the extremely hard work and pulled those ‘buckets of prawns’ out of the cupboard and emptied them. I looked deep inside and dared to be honest with myself.

That day I let it all go.

That day I CHOSE to live. 

That day was the best investment of my life. Even if I hadn’t lost a single kg, it would have still been worth it. 

But I did – I lost 35kg. I had easy days. I had hard days. I made mistakes. I learnt from them. I persisted. I succeeded.

I certainly started to look healthier and I started to take more pride in my appearance.

My asthma disappeared. I stopped snoring and was able to sleep better. My knee issues, that I had booked in for surgery, healed itself. I had more energy.

But even more than that I stayed to value myself – love myself even. I became more confident and I started to smile more. I started to manage my stress more effectively.

During the seminar a couple was interviewed about their experience. The husband made a comment that he had seen his wife thin before, but he had never seen her so powerful. That touched me. I burst into tears and said aloud “that’s what I want for me”.

This wasn’t just a weightless program for me. This was the start of a lifetime journey to empower me and my life. 

Huge thanks to the iShrink team for encouraging and mentoring me in my journey.














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