Bobbie-Jo’s story – even in iso, she’s totally smashing her goals!

“To say I was skeptical of the program when I attended in Wagga in January, would be an understatement but I had nothing but weight to lose. Since having children and gaining more and more weight with each child, I have struggled to keep weight off when I lost it. Like so many, I have tried almost everything and whilst I lost weight, it would soon sneak back with ‘a little extra for good measure’.

After having quite a stressful year mentally in 2019, I knew it was time to do something for me for a change. The January seminar was perfect timing for me and the fact that I learnt so much about myself in two short days was amazing. I’ve always struggled to relax and was adamant I couldn’t meditate but here I am 15 weeks later, 19.7kg lighter and more relaxed and ‘chilled’ than ever before. I now try to deal with things on the spot, I’ve stopped myself overthinking every moment and I’ve allowed myself not to have to be in control 100% of the time. Strangely this has helped me achieve more.

Side on of Bobbie's weight lossWith all the positives I have had, there have still been days where I have struggled. There have been days where I have gained weight for reasons I couldn’t identify; I’ve learned I definitely have triggers that affect my weight loss and there have been weeks when I thought I was stuck and thought it would be easier to give up. But I didn’t and I have learned how much I really want this and my reasons for doing it and being in isolation has actually worked to my benefit.

I am currently 2.7kg away from my recommended weight, 10.3kg from my ultimate goal and I fit comfortably into a small size 10 (down from a size 14-16). I am so grateful for the support I have received from Riverina Hypnotherapy and I can’t thank James and the team enough for providing me with the tools to change my mindset and my understanding of how weight loss works.

I am looking to introducing my new self to the outside world after isolation.”

Fantastic effort Bobbie-Jo, we are thrilled that you’ve learned so many skills, and stopped the over-thinking and the worry!! Well done!




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