Renee’s story

I turned 51 this year and as gift to myself I took a leap of faith and attended your July seminar in Wangaratta! To say it has been life changing would be an absolute understatement!  Although I have lost 40kgs to date, I consider the weight loss to be the secondary benefit; this program […]

Laura’s story

I have finally found the ‘ME’ that I knew was within all along, the true Laura.  I have come such a long way physically and mentally in just a few short months. The weight loss has been brilliant, but my emotional health has been the most incredible transformation. You have given me the keys to […]

Why do some people lose the weight and keep it off… But others lose weight only to put it all back on… yet again?

A fascinating question don’t you think? Surely there must be a reason for this frustrating phenomenon… but what could it possibly be? The Extreme weight loss program has a magnificent track record. Literally thousands of people have had life-changing results. Many of them lose weight permanently and get off the yo- yo diet treadmill… but not always, and not everyone. How come?

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