Your Memories Are Making You Fat

NEW BOOK: Kiss Your Arse Goodbye

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Book release date: 1st November, 2020
ISBN: ????
Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
RRP: $37.95
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The successful Extreme Weight Loss Program is now a book!

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Based on the sell-out seminars and most successful weight loss program of it’s kind, ‘Your memories are making you fat” will be released November 2020 and you can be one of the first people to own a copy (pre order your copy now).

Since their inception in 2016, thousands of people have attended the Extreme Weight Loss seminars. Many of them have described the experience as life-changing and the best thing they have ever done! The vast majority have gone on to successfully lose the weight they had previously struggled with for many years.

Now anyone, anywhere in the world, can experience this incredible program, at home!

About the book

Your memories are making you fat! Does this sound like it might be a funny story, or possibly a joke? This concept forms the basis of the entire Extreme Weight Loss Program. We have all been conditioned to believe the keys to effective weight loss are diet, exercise, and self-discipline. This is clearly not true, or we’d all be thin! There’s far more to successful and permanent weight loss than we’ve ever been told in the past.

There is nothing funny about wasting years on weight loss programs that fail to deliver lasting results. There’s nothing funny about putting all the weight back on that you to worked so hard to lose… plus a bit extra every time you go on a diet. There’s nothing funny about depriving yourself of the things you love, or throwing good money after bad, on solutions that don’t actually solve the problem. There’s also nothing even vaguely humorous about enduring the chronic health issues so often associated with, and attributed to, being overweight.

This program is a serious solution to a very serious problem!

See What Others Say

Don’t just take our word for it...

This was the best thing that I have done for myself.

If you have got to the stage where you are sick and tired of yo-yo dieting, then this seminar is for you. Open your mind and let yourself shrink.

Leanne Albury Vic Seminar

This program is really life changing in so many ways. To my delight, not only am I losing weight, my anxiety attacks & hot flushes have significantly improved


I'm 34kg down and it's all the little milestones of things you can do again that are amazing me every day


30 kilos off in 5.5 months and it’s not coming back! A life changing experience! The tools you need not just to become the person you dream about but to stay there! The last program you will ever do. Highly recommend the team, so supportive and relatable.


Just do it. Best thing I ever did. It is a fantastic experience. Teaches you what is making you struggle with your weight loss and assists you to start again. I cannot recommend this course enough


I cannot thank James and the team enough for the program. I am in a happy place with life in general


Best thing I have done for myself, our minds are so powerful! James & his team are amazing!

Viviene Wagga NSW Seminar

Seminar is not what you expect but it definitely works. Gets your mind in the right frame to drop your weight quickly & easily. Very happy with the results for both hubby and myself.

Janet Wagga NSW Seminar

Put simply it works. I wish I had met James Duncan years ago.

Michelle Wagga NSW Seminar

An amazing program that works. Changed my life forever!

Gwen Toowoomba QLD Seminar

James and the team are amazing. Supportive with amazing results.

Anita Wagga NSW Seminar

I had the pleasure of attending James Duncan's Extreme Fat Loss seminar in Albury. It has only been a week, I feel happier, less stressed, sleeping better and I have lost 3.7kg in the first week of fat release. I haven't been hungry. Learning the working of my mind was invaluable... something we should all learn!

Morell Albury Seminar

A well-organised, entertaining, thoughtful and challenging seminar which provides the knowledge about how our mind works and the ways in which we stymie our success. I feel confident now that I know what I have to do for not only weightloss but also improved ways of thinking.

Leanne Wagga NSW Seminar

...If you have any doubts in yourself or any demons you struggle to face, if you are in a state of confusion and just need clarity, if you have children of any age do this seminar. I believe it will make this world a better place for all.

Darryl Wagga NSW Seminar
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Your MEMORIES are the real problem.
And you were not even aware of it!


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About the author

James Duncan has been described as a cross between Australian comedian Paul Hogan and the Dalai Lama. He is a trauma therapist who has used hypnotherapy extensively during his many years of clinical practice, the results of which have been surprising and outstanding. He describes himself as being more like an ‘anti-therapist’…

The theme of all his independent research and study has always been to prove stress causes illness, and different forms of stress manifest as different forms of illness. By identifying a ‘stress’ and resolving it effectively, many of his clients experienced what science would describe as a spontaneous remission.

James wanted to find a way to cure the incurable – chronic and terminal illness, including cancer, and pain. The Extreme Weight Loss program is a result of his learnings.

His remarkable quest began with three interesting questions:

  1. Why do some people recover from chronic or terminal illness, while others don’t?
  2. What do people who experience a sudden, unexplained spontaneous remission do, that those who don’t recover, do not do?
  3. Why do miracles happen, and how do you get one?

With a Diploma of Applied Clinical Hypnotherapy, countless professional development training programs, and a finely-honed bullshit detector, he prides himself on achieving serious results for serious conditions – mental, physical and emotional.

James has a unique, and somewhat irreverent approach. As an Aussie larrikin with a good sense of humour, he doesn’t take political correctness too seriously. Being results driven, his motto is ‘If it doesn’t work, don’t do it. Find a better way’…

The Extreme Weight Loss Program is a better way!