Mindset Reset Seminar

Only for those who've previously attended our seminar

Booking Close 17th October 2023
unless sold out prior


21st & 22nd October, 2023
Sat – Sun
9:00 am – 5:00 pm


In the comfort
of your own home.


Call the office 0421 075 175


Your choice from
your kitchen, enjoy!


To attend the seminar, we require you to have James book’ Your Memories are Making you Fat’
$590 includes the book and we will post it to you
$535, if you already have the book

Mindset Reset Seminar:

With all that has been happening in recent times, it’s all too common for people to notice the feelings of motivation for success they had following the seminar somehow seem to mysteriously go by the wayside. We get it! Life got in the way, that’s ok. There is a way back to being in control, motivated, enthused and excited about recommitting to yourself, grabbing the bull by the horns, and really nailing your weight loss goals. 

If you can relate to this… Don’t panic! We have a solution to help. 

It’s the Mindset Reset Seminar – only available for people who have attended the original seminar.

A lot of people have asked about how to restart the program or about re-attending the seminar.  Weight loss is not just about the food, or exercise, or raising your metabolism. You know this to be true because if it was just a food thing, you could eat the same food every day, get the same amount of sleep every day and lose the same amount of weight every day… but that’s not how it works. 

Your weight loss will fluctuate depending on what’s happening in your mind, what stresses you experience and how you choose to deal with them… or not.  Sound familiar?

Recently we’ve run a few Live on-line ‘Mindset Reset’ seminars with the intention of helping you get re-motivated, refocused and back on track. The feedback has been phenomenal and extremely well received.  Some of the attendees had previously lost weight following their original seminar, then life got in the way and their mindset was gone. Others do the Mindset Reset because they see the importance of the mind aspects and want to finish their weight loss with renewed focus and mental strength.

Each person now recognises that it’s so much more that just the food component, as often they’d tried to restart so many times by picking up the food plan – but they did not have the desire or motivation to stick with it.  

Good news…since coming back and doing the ‘Mindset Reset’ seminar many have gone on to restart their weight loss, which they hadn’t been able to do by themselves just by picking up the food plan too many times to count). They are back feeling strong, feeling in control, focused and loving life on the Brisvegas Express again.  Just goes to show it really is a mind thing.  

Everyone who attends gets far more insight and understanding than they absorbed the first time.

The ‘Mindset Reset’ is fantastic and really helps you understand the program in its entirety. The ‘Mindset Reset’ seminar is more about the program rather than the same seminar again. We run a few exercises where you take 5 mins to write your own answers, to help you go deeper, which is very helpful and beneficial. We offer for people to share their answers and this has been much appreciated by the attendees as everyone realises they are not alone, and they also glean additional insight that they themselves may not have considered.

Here are some comments we received. ‘Was it beneficial to hear other peoples answers etc?’

‘Yes it was because every question is relevant to all in some sort of way. I felt like we were all a team on the journey together.’

‘Yes yes yes, knowing I wasn’t the only one but also hearing their answers made things clearer too.’

‘Absolutely it was, some of the questions were things that I hadn’t considered ‘

As you can see it was very positive and that’s why we are keeping the group size small.  Everyone who wanted to ask a question had them answered – it really was fantastic.

People attend the ‘Mindset Reset’ for different reasons. Some wanted to:

  • restart their weight loss journey and/or 
  • others came back so they could really get reinvigorated to finish their weight loss with a strong enthusiasm and focus.  

They could also see that originally they’d missed some of the concepts and had focused primarily on the food. Following the ‘Mindset/Reset’ seminar they’ve left with a burning ‘desire’ to really focus on the mindset and maintain that at all cost. James showed them how after the initial seminar, their mindset was amazing and as time passed it slipped. More importantly, James explains how to get it back and maintain it.

As James said “With a positive mindset, success is assured.  When you lose your mindset… failure is guaranteed!  This is why the patterns of thought are SO important. It’s not just a nifty concept it’s absolutely critical… “

These were a few other comments that we received about the change in their mindset following the ‘Mindset Reset’ seminar.

‘I feel that my mindset has been reset and has improved immensely ‘

‘I feel that I understand the program much better and how to tackle the restart with success’

‘Dramatically improved, feeling incredibly positive and confident that I have got this’

‘Definitely improved. Great to be reminded of everything and refresh or reset the mind.  Am ready to go again.’

If this all resonates and you’re ready to recommit to yourself then let’s get ready to start on the right foot. 


Bookings are only available by calling the office on 0421 075 175. 

It’s been a tough few years for most people, we totally understand. We also know how good it feels to start putting yourself first again and getting the mindset back to where you’re in control.

We look forward to helping you get your mojo back, to recommit to yourself and get this weight loss done, once and for all.  

Fiona, James, Michelle

(The iShrink.me Team)


There are a few things that James insists on for this live online seminar:

  • Your real name is to be used – no alias’s
  • Your camera needs to be on and your face clearly visible.
  • You need to be in a private setting so James can speak freely and have an assurance that only those on the zoom call (in attendance) can hear the meeting.
  • Please ensure you have a headset or ear buds in so background noise is kept to a minimum.

NOTE: Management reserves the right to refuse entry, in which case a refund of the seminar fee will be provided.

WARNING: This program has not been thoroughly trialled for vegans and/or vegetarians.
The dietary aspects involve the consumption of fish, meat and other animal products. If you are vegan or vegetarian and are not prepared to eat meat, fish, or eggs, this program is not suitable for you.

PLEASE NOTE This program is specifically for people who want to lose weight. It is not suitable for therapists to use as professional development. If you are a therapist seeking therapist training, please Contact us to enquire about our upcoming Therapist Training Programs. If you are a therapist wanting to attend for personal weight loss reasons then contact our office.

Not for Professional Development:
The iShrink.me program is for personal use only and is not for Professional Development.
Training programs for the use of the content (or part thereof) of the seminar in a professional setting will be made available in the future.
Management reserve the right to refuse entry and in these situations a full refund of the seminar attendance fee only will be refunded.
If you would like to enquire about using the program in a professional setting please contact the office on 0421 075 175.


Well, don’t just take our word for it. Have a look below and see for yourself!

What our clients say.

I had the pleasure of attending James Duncan's Extreme Fat Loss seminar in Albury. It has only been a week, I feel happier, less stressed, sleeping better and I have lost 3.7kg in the first week of fat release. I haven't been hungry. Learning the working of my mind was invaluable... something we should all learn!

(Morell Albury Seminar)

If you have any doubts in yourself or any demons you struggle to face, if you are in a state of confusion and just need clarity, if you have children of any age do this seminar. I believe it will make this world a better place for all.

(Darryl Wagga NSW Seminar)

A well-organised, entertaining, thoughtful and challenging seminar which provides the knowledge about how our mind works and the ways in which we stymie our success. I feel confident now that I know what I have to do for not only weightloss but also improved ways of thinking.

(Leanne Wagga NSW Seminar)

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