The Extreme Weight Loss program is delivered via a two day seminar. You will learn and understand everything you need to know in order to lose weight quickly, permanently, easily, without exercise. Your skin will shrink back to fit your body at the same time!!

The program is designed for success. On-going support is available should you need it.


If you don’t like being on a diet…. Read on!

Do you eat a balanced diet, exercise lots, but still can’t lose weight?… Read on!

Have you given up hope of getting your weight under control?… Read on!

If you genuinely want to lose weight and are sick and tired of the frustration of struggling to lose weight only to regain it again quickly…. Read on!

If you want a solution to the chronic health conditions associated with excess body fat… this is a very long list…Read on!

If you are fed-up with throwing good money after bad to achieve a goal that seems impossible for you… Read on!

If you want to get happy and healthy… Read on!

This Program is NOT for you if…

You are NOT prepared to take charge of your own health, weight, and life by learning how to take charge of your own mind… Stop reading now!

You want to continue to be a victim of your own body… Stop reading now!

You want to make excuses to justify being miserable and failing yet again… Stop reading now!

NOTE: This program has NOT been thoroughly trialed for vegans and/or vegetarians. The dietary aspects involve the consumption of fish, meat and other animal products. If you are vegan or vegetarian and are not prepared to eat meat, fish, or eggs, this program is NOT for you.

This is not merely ‘another’ diet! It is a comprehensive, multi-faceted program that works!

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